Here are comments from some of my clients about my work, used with their permission.

“Andie Whitewing has been an advocate, educator and powerful speaker and writer for Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County. She is thoughtful in targeting her messages appropriately to the audience and her writing and speaking is inspiring and moving. Her compassion and hope for others shines through her work.”

~Laura Harker, Executive Director of Interfaith Coalition

“Andie is loyal, trustworthy, hard-working, competent and efficient. Andie has an intelligent and creative mind-an asset for anyone of you wanting to improve your business and take it to the next level! She is a visionary. Andie was a treasured member of our businesses team because of her varied skill sets and her willingness to jump in and manage anything that came her way.”

~Ann MacDonald, M. Mus., Bellingham Sings

“Andie has been ‘tutoring’ me on my computer for about 6 months. She’s great, and incredibly knowledgeable. With her patience she helps me through each step at a pace that works for me, and so I can understand it and learn it for my self. She can also totally bail me out of a problem and get me back on the road to moving forward.

Andie just did a great job for our non profit annual newsletter [North Cascade Massage Connection] in Desktop Publishing, and she’s helping me learn about Power Point for my presentation coming up this fall.  Whether it’s my PC, iPhone, photos, Power Point, or helping me be more organized in my email account she seems to understand every nuance of computer ease. Thank you Andie!”

~Ahwren Ayers, Healing Therapies

“With Andie’s assistance I’ve been able to navigate through some overwhelming tasks with ease and peace of mind. There’s no one better to call upon for not only getting the job done, but she ALWAYS goes above and beyond with a skill set that’s unsurpassed. Her quality of work is nothing short of excellent. I can’t imagine using anyone else to assist me when needed.”

~Cheryl Jewell